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Professional BASE jumper & Public Speaker



Intermediate BASE Instruction

This isn't a FJC, this is whats next. I've come to realize my motivation for teaching BASE comes from helping others progress once they fully understand the basics. At this point maybe you're interested in gaining confidence doing unpacked jumps, getting ready for Moab or other Earth Exit Points, setting up static lines and take away systems, going terminal in a track-suit or wing-suit, introduction to aerials, etc., this is where I specialize and these intermediate aspects of BASE are what I enjoy teaching. 

Experience Carnaval & BASE jump Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Have you ever heard of Carnaval in Brazil? If you haven't heard then i'm excited to let you know that its the biggest, wildest, most exciting week long party on earth. I've gone for 2 consecutive years in a row as of this year and I'd love for you to experience with me as your party tour guide. 

Maybe BASE is the only thing on your mind during your time in Rio. This is something I would love to help you with. I have done most jumps in and around Rio and have the connections to make any jump you wish happen. I have suggestions for accommodation and nightlife through out Rio de Janeiro. Daily and weekly rates available for services. Please contact me for a quote.  

Public Speaking

In 2014 I was injured while BASE jumping receiving a T12-L1 burst fracture, incomplete spinal cord injury, and a traumatic brain injury. Through my mental and physical rehabilitation I've learned a lot of things that I believe are  of value for me to share with the rest of the world. As a public speaker I specialize in speaking about topics such as injury prevention and rehabilitation, risk assessment & management, the power of visualization & "triggers", Flow State, mind and body wellness, working towards & achieving your dreams, learning to become limitless, breaking down personal barriers, finding happiness, interpersonal communication, and learning to love yourself.


About Me

     I've experienced so much in the 28 years Ive been alive.  I travel the world in pursuit of my dreams, I've been paralyzed from the waist down and had to learn how to walk again, I pursue life passionately with a purpose because I know that tomorrow is never promised. BASE jumping is a sport that I am consumed by, 90% of my goals and pursuits in life are inspired by BASE because it is what drives me, it fuels my soul and has given me the highest highs but also the lowest lows. Everything in life comes with a price and what keeps you alive and moving forward is understanding risk and reward. This understanding mixed with a mentally and physically balanced lifestyle is whats opened up my eyes to a life ill never walk away from. I live in Twin Falls, Idaho where I can legally BASE jump from the Perrine Bridge 24/7, 365. I thrive here in Twin and I'm living the life I once dreamed of. My biggest goals in life are to climb beautiful mountains and jump from them, own a house in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and to contribute positively to the development and progression of BASE as well as the world by sharing my voice and acting in accordance with the values I hold dearly. 


Why choose me

After being injured in 2014 I was at the lowest point in my life and theres no where else to go but up from there. I now consider my accident the best thing that has ever happened to me because it changed many things in my life for the better. I learned to love myself deeply and I believe that is key to what allows a person to then become the greatest person they can be. I'm constantly pushing myself to learn more and to progress myself mentally and physically in all areas of my life because its apart of what I want to do and it leads me towards the goals I have. Through my successes and my failures I've learned that being able to adapt and change are two qualities required for success, now and in the future, and that will hold true until death. This understanding and change of lifestyle that was a result of my accident has put me on a path that occasionally side tracks but never back tracks. I've learned and experienced things in life that I know have certainly helped me succeed but not only succeed also create a life that is filled mostly with happiness and fulfillment. Many of these ideas I hold as truths are outside of the majorities understanding and therefore can be difficult to accept and then implement but as I said above, "I practice what I preach" and I will never suggest something to anyone that I don't entirely believe as true and beneficial to ones life. This goes for BASE and business and everything in-between. If you hire me I promise to provide exceptional quality in everything that I offer because I do what I love and I love what I do therefore I care deeply about the quality of my service. Everything that I have expressed above on a personal level is equally applied on a business level and because I do what I love I strive to continually better the quality of my service by gaining knowledge on the topics I've listed and learning from each experience I'm granted. That being said I know myself very well and there are also things I won't tolerate and that I am not hesitant to voice my opinion on. This is a quality I value about myself because I mean what I say and I say what I mean. By choosing me you will get honesty always and I stand behind everything I've written above and that you will ever hear me say. Thank you for your consideration!


Austin Carey

Contact Me

Twin Falls, Idaho 



Tel: (260)579-7119

Please send a detailed message describing how I can help you or your business and I will be happy to reply. I am open to consideration of all inquiries, including national and international travel. I look forward to hearing from you.

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