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In my life I have two specific things to credit my knowledge and awareness of Flow State to and they are BASE jumping and a nearly fatal accident as a result of BASE jumping. Flow State is discussed in one of my favorite books titled The Rise of Superman. in The Rise of Superman the author observes extreme athletes because of their consistent ability to enter The Flow through participating in their extreme sport. BASE jumping is an example that they reference athletes many times throughout the book because or its life or death characteristics and for me as a BASE jumper this book was the first significant source of awareness to Flow State. It brought my attention to ideas and concepts that I felt as a BASE jumper but didn’t yet have the knowledge, awareness or the intentional use of these concepts until after reading the book. After reading this book I have become aware when ever I enter Flow State and therefore allowing me to acknowledge it, understand it and use its powers for my benefit. 

After a nearly fatal accident I was in with a friend in 2014 I was left severely injured and it was the lowest point in my life. Through my personal rehabilitation and recovery both physically and mentally following the accident I became a different person. At the lowest point in my life I realized I had to make a positive effort for change if I wanted to live the life I still dreamed of. Confined to a wheel chair and battling with pain I began reading and researching ideas that I believed would help. This was the beginning to what I hope is a life long career of self help and learning. I experienced things in my recovery that I knew where working for me positivly and I needed to put words to the concepts I was feeling. This was my introduction to Visualization and the law of attraction. Now, nearly 5 years after my accident, I am BASE jumping more than ever and have come to realize the significance these two concepts have contributed to my control of Flow State in my current life. I would suggest that Flow State has many levels of strength and by becoming proficient and knowledgable using Visualization and the Law of Attraction this will assist in increasing the intensity and duration of The Flow you experience. 

The reason I point out my accident as a significant factor to my learning and awareness is because this was a very transformative time in my life, my desire to learn and gain knowledge had never been greater before and after that accident and still to this day I have been a sponge for gaining knowledge on the topics that interest me. I believe the person intending to achieve Flow State must also get to the level of a sponge, absorbing all the useful and positive information available and it must be this way because you have to personally want and seek this higher knowledge. I also point out the accident because the accident It self was a very traumatic experience but if it had not occurred I don’t believe I would be as receptive to these concepts that I now believe to be the most positive influences of my life. Everything in life takes hard work and intentional pursuit to progress in. Same goes for understanding and getting into a Flow State. It is not something that occurs so easily and it takes the development of many personal growth areas in order to really understand and intentionally use The Flow and be aware when you are in it. In this article I am going express my personal timeline for developing and using Flow State, I am gonna tell stories from my life in which I was aware were turning points for strengthening my knowledge of Flow State, I will express all the noticeable benefits I receive while in Flow State and I will attempt to share what it will take for you to also become aware of Flow State and how to intentionally enter a Flow and use it to your advantage. 

I will start by discussing the Law of Attraction in relation to my accident because it can work both for you and against you, the goal is to intentionally make it work for you by aligning your goals to fulfill your greatest desires. The story Im gonna tell now comes from a time when I did not yet understand its power but now In my life I look back to this instance and realize I manifested this negative outcome. Before the accident in 2014 I was in my first year of BASE and also going through a very transformative time in my life. Becoming a BASE jumper was my first and most significant break away from the life I was raise to live. After taking a FJC (first jump course) i packed up my moms minivan and left Indiana for the west. I was 22 or 23 years old at this time and after becoming a BASE jumper I was even more confused about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. BASE consumed me from the beginning but due to its seriousness I began questioning friends early about their thoughts towards BASE and asking them if they thought they would die BASE jumping as it seemed like this was the trend for most jumpers. I didn’t have any real long term goals for my life at this point and once I began BASE jumping I entered a world I wasn’t quite ready for. I personally did have the feeling I was gonna die BASE jumping and although I didn’t want to die I acted as if everyday was my last and that the future was even less promised than before. Without any real plans or goals to strive for I allowed myself to act recklessly and with out much consideration for the risks I was taking. The point Im making here is that If I were to make bullet points of my life events to help me understand what I was attracting at this time all the points would show a disposition to a negative outcome. Unknowingly I was attracting exactly what I didn’t want and thats exactly what ended up happening because I wasn’t working towards anything more than enjoying each moment to the fullest. This is fine but not when you are taking life or death risks daily. There is a need to have intentions for the future in order to constantly be working towards achieving your greatest desires therefore more carefully determining the risks you are willing to take in the moment. Enjoying the moment Is fantastic but even more fantastic when you are enjoying a moment that is in alignment with progression towards your ultimate goals. 

Flow State has so many great and exceptional powers but without awareness to them they can take you down a path you aren’t ready for. Flow State gives the person experiencing it more daily energy than they have ever experienced. With this amount of consistent added energy one experiences they now have the ability to do more. For me currently, this energy gives me the motivation to exercise more often and consistently at a higher intensity, It strengthens my will to read and learn about topics of interest, because of the energy and its effects Im happy more often than not and therefore I interact with others more positively, there is a heightened state of focus gained during Flow that I use intentionally while working in each area that I just expressed and this hyper-focus can also be expressed as living in the moment. When you are living in the moment there is literally nothing else that matters to you than what you’re working on, who you’re talking to, or what ever it may be that you are doing. Living in the moment is an effect of Flow State and is in part exactly how it can defined but Flow State is much more. Flow State Is the most efficient and powerful way of living in the moment helping to manifest intentions/desires and moving as fluently from any A to B objective as possible but this can be good or bad. For me now it is good, when I was in my first year of BASE it was bad. Living that much in the moment during a time in life when I didn’t have any long term goals or real aspirations allowed me to stay in the moment so long that I was blind to anything else such as the amount of risk i was taking. This is where that Law of Attraction comes back to hurt you negatively and is what lead to my accident in 2014. Theres are many other personal factors to be contemplated here such as my ego and the amount it played into the concepts we are discussing. The important thing to take from this is that future goals and aspirations are important to have when using Flow State, breaking down the ego and pursuing a more meaningful?mindful life will help as well and if you aren’t on an intentional path of personal growth or betterment then these powers can work against you unknowingly. I believe entirely that I attracted my accident based on the life I was living at the time and it wasn’t until after the accident and the death of my ego that my life began to align it self on a more positive and meaningful path. All of this has contributed to my ability to use visualization, the law of attraction, and enter Flow State to work for me positively and become as aware to these concepts as I am now. Awareness is the first big step, once you can acknowledge something when you see it or feel it then there is nothing else needed to convince you of its presence or powers.

Visualization was the first concept I became aware of after my injury in 2014 and gaining understanding and implementing its use in my life was another big stepping stone that I see now contributes to my ability to enter and maintain Flow State. During my recovery and still without lower body function during this time I would wake up from dreams of myself running. The dreams felt so real that when I would wake up to the reality of being paralyzed I would become super depressed. The depression would subside and I would think that these dreams were foresight to the future and it gave me hope. I began researching the ideas of dreams like this and my research lead me to learning and implementing visualization as a daily practice. Visualization helped me to overcome my disability so much more than I can possibly express but it was years later after learning about visualization and implementing it that I experienced its effect on Flow State.

In 2016 I created a Magazine known as PARA/ALPINIST. PARA/ALPINIST is a word to describe a genre of BASE. Para-alpinism is high altitude mountain BASE jumping that can also be explained as BASE mountaineering. The magazine I created revolved around my deep passion for this genre of BASE. Since the creation of PARA/ALPINIST I had a strong vision for what I wanted it to be and once I began working on the physical Issues I would later publish I used visualization as a tool to see my idea clearly in my head and then work towards making it physical in real life. I had such strong visualizations of the product I wanted to create that when I would work on each issue I would be fully consumed. I would get off from working as a lift operator at a ski resort in Wyoming and after work I would stay until close at the local library working on the first Issue. Hours would pass and my fingers would barley slow down. I would work so productively fast utilizing every second I had remaining until the library closed. This work, that from the outside would appear so dedicatedly intense, moved out of me so effortlessly in the since that it took very little energy in comparison to the amount of content I was producing. I know that I was in a Flow State during the creation of both PARA/ALPINIST issues and it was assisted by the strong vision I had in my head along with my passion and enjoyment to create the product I wanted so badly to see. This Flow State was BASE related but not specifically an act of BASE. It revolved around my passion for BASE and the passion that I also had at the time to produce this magazine. My intentions surrounding the magazine issues were pure and entirely from the heart. There wasn’t a single amount of effort that came from a source outside of my own will and this is why I believe I experienced such a deep Flow during the creation of the Issues. In my experience Flow State requires a few things in order to occur. It requires a strong personal passion for something and with this personal passion one can enter Flow State by taking action on ones passion by creating and bringing life to an idea, by participating in any sport or activity that one is deeply driven by, by working towards future goals with the accomplishment of short term goals that are on the same path and by taking risks that align with ones personal ambition for betterment and self care.

Visualization and the Law of Attraction go hand in hand and especially when you are aware of them both and intentionally using them together. The Law of Attraction at its core is the ability to attract the things you want in life and manifest them. Therefore if I have a few big, long term goals and many shorter term goals planned to get me ready for the big ones then by way of visualization I can picture in my head every step of the way over the course of a lifetime. When you have the ability to visualize every step towards completing your goals then the efficiency and fluency needed to act and accomplish them when the time comes is much stronger. Your goals must align with a rational account of your current ability. If the short term goals far exceed your ability then it can become a very discouraging endeavor with many misfortunes along the way but with a strong ability to visualize one will more accurately be able to see the next step and act more accordingly with consideration for their current experience and ability.  These two concepts go hand in hand because attracting what you want will have no power if you can’t actually visualize yourself as that person who has accomplished such goals or tasks you wish, your power to attract the things you want in life must align with where you are currently and your vision for how you will get there.

One of my most recent accounts of Flow State and its great powers occurred while working towards completing a project as a group of 3 in Yosemite National Park called The Hat Trick. The Hat Trick was an idea of mine that came to me a few years ago. I was still going through intense rehabilitation at this time and hiking regularly in Yosemite. I was watching a documentary one day about Alex Honnold and his completion of climbing the 3 biggest walls in Yosemite in a day. The iconic walls include El Capitan, Half Dome and Mount Watkins. After watching this documentary I decided that I wanted to do something similar by BASE jumping from these 3 biggest walls in a day. At the time this goal far exceeded my abilities but it was a goal I knew I had the capability of achieving further down the road. Two years past that I had this goal in my head but I knew I wasn’t physically ready to complete the project yet. Keeping the idea tucked in my head I knew the time would come when I was ready and I would then do so. 

Many occasions with Flow State, Visualization, and the Law of Attraction will give you the feeling of, “its to good to be true” or you can feel what can be considered as feeling a divine presence in your actions. For me when I first started having these feelings of its, “to good to be true” while in a Flow I would later feel skepticism and doubt as a result of fear from thinking its to good to be true so something bad must be coming. These thoughts were of value though because it kept me on my toes and considering the negative outcomes just as much as the positive was useful. Years later when the occasion finally arrived in which things clicked and in my brain I said to myself, “this is the perfect time to attempt the Hat Trick, lets do it!” I questioned myself a bit and also the ability of my teammates. While having these initial doubts visualization would work on my behalf. I knew all the hikes from car to the exits, I knew my own ability in relation to the challenge ahead and I knew my teammates abilities pretty damn well and therefore I was able to visualize every step of the way prior to even being inside Yosemite. Through my strong power to visualize I understood every step towards the completion of the project and therefore I was able to be more confident in our pursuit and also to more powerfully manifest the positive outcome we wanted. From the moment I told my friends the plan to complete The Hat Trick I felt a divine presence looking over us as if there was no other option than for us to successfully complete this goal and the moment the three of us were in the car in route to Yosemite I was in the Flow and so were my teammates. 

While in the Flow and now also Flowing together as a team there are many easy to distinguish benefits that we received. I would love to say the whole project went flawlessly but it didn’t, it just felt that way. Once beginning our attempt to complete the Hat Trick we experienced a few set backs, some of these set backs were small and some even had the power to end the attempt entirely just after it began. But fortunately this is one of the magics of Flow State, despite obstacles during Flow you are in such a focused hyperaware state that assesses every situation and comes up with the most beneficial solution instantly and therefore your ability to react and resolve the obstacle you’re confronted with is at its most efficient level. Sounds great right!? I also experienced this effect while overcoming many obstacles while creating issues of PARA/ALPINIST. Set backs suck but nothing makes it worse than getting angry, this is an area where you might have conflicting emotions that you would need to sort out prior to experiencing this level of Flow. If you are the type of person to over react in a small situation then a bigger one is even worse. Ive spent a long time working on my patience and Im at a point in life where I believe I am balanced. There are things that require less patience and there are things that require more patience. In order for flow to work the way i am describing to you you must be as balanced emotionally in all areas as possible.

Completing The Hat Trick was the most physically exerting accomplishment of my life at the time but we powered through 23 Hours of active movement with more energy than I’ve ever felt and we maintained this high energy with valuable conversation, humor and mood lifting positivity towards each other the entire duration of the trip. We always spoke as one and never as separate from the group. We planned our food and meals together, we slept outside and reviewed the landing areas together, we set out at a pace knowing that we were all capable of this challenging feat yet fully aware that we were pushing our limits. Physical and mental fatigue that would otherwise deter most from accomplishing this goal had little effect on us. Our bodies were at the top of their game but then also being in Flow State we maintained what now seems as exceptional amounts of will and drive to not only accomplish our goal but doing so as efficiently as possible, as enjoyably as possible, and as cooperative as possible.

Flow State is not an easy thing to achieve and I hope this article does not convey that it is because certainly it is not. The past five years of my life have been devoted to personal growth and betterment and only now in the 5th year am I happy to say that I feel balanced emotionally in most areas of my life. Balance in life is an important factor to entering Flow State. You can enter Flow State and still be off balance but to really dial it in you should always aspire to maintain the most balanced life possible. My suggestions for you to achieve Flow State, and use it for your benefit, based on everything written above would be to start by understanding yourself as much as humanly possible. I have undergone more hours of self reflection than I care to estimate and from this I have a very strong idea for who I am currently, who I want to become and what I want to achieve. This is a necessary requirement I would say for every living person but unfortunately thats not the case. Knowing yourself is the building block that everything in your life is built around and if you don’t define for yourself, who you are now, who you want to become, and what you want out of life then you will never be able to use or achieve the concepts I’ve discussed above efficiently or intentionally.

While becoming a master of yourself I would suggest researching the topics I’ve mentioned above such as visualization and the Law of Attraction. As you learn and begin aligning yourself with your ultimate goals/desire you will begin to see progress (victories which should always be celebrated, big or small) and also the completion of smaller goals that are working towards those big future goals. In this process you will also begin to start forging your own path based on what suits you best, how you learn best, and the pace in which you can maintain this course for your lifetime. An important thing to remember and always work towards understanding better is patience. In the beginning you will need to be patient and know that simply intending to better yourself is a significant step in the process. Intention is everything and with poor intentions comes poor results/outcomes. Do good because you want to do good, learn because you want to learn, be nice because you want to be nice, and achieve Flow State because you are on a mission to achieve the life you want and one that is of value to the rest of the world.

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