Realizing the power of Visualization through pool therapy

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

After my accident I was left without any natural body function below the waste. Learning to transfer and adapt to my wheelchair was a very painful learning process but once I was moving around in my chair well, I began to think of the options now presented to me. I grew up loving the ocean and enjoyed pools and lakes during summers in Indiana. Being in the water has always been something I have enjoyed so after being confined to a wheelchair I thought I should get into the pool as much as possible. At the beginning of my recovery I didn't realize how much this would benefit my recovery and that it would lead my awareness to the power of visualization. My High School is a miles down the road from my moms house and during my HS career our school received a Natatorium. This Natatorium was very nice and open to the public. once I returned to Indiana I began going to this pool as often as I could manage. I would get in the water only to float and sit in the shallow end. In the pool I would become 50% more pain free. The weightless aspects and ability for me to hold myself up right made me happy and It would allow my legs to visually show the muscles that would function due to the weightlessness. All of my lower body muscle had atrophied since the accident and so it was only in the pool that I could see the physical movements I was able to produced in my lower body. This did so much positive for my mental state and it gave me much needed hope. I would lay in the pool floating with my chest up listening to the echoes of noise from underwater. It was peaceful and meditative and here I would begin to push my awareness around my body. I would start at my toes and then direct my awareness up going through the shins to my knees and into my hips. I would continue up and out to my fingers and to the top of my head. I did this all the time. when I would get into the pool it gave my activity which made me happy and It simply felt like it was of great benefit. After realizing this technique I thought there must be a term or information to go with this idea so I started browsing google and youtube to try and match what i was doing with a term and this is when I stumbled on visualization. After understanding that what I was doing was a visualization technique I began to learn as much as I could on the topic and the power that it has in all aspects of life. Pool therapy and visualization became the two leading rehabilitation techniques that I used for regaining the ability to walk again.

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