Reflections of 2019


At the beginning of 2019 I was with a friend on a snowboarding trip and we then spent New Years in Jackson Wyoming. At the beginning of the year I had many plans for 2019. Throughout 2019 up until now Im happy to say I did everything and more than I expected to this year. I was living in Pinedale, WY this time last year and saving money while working at the local Brewery and Ski resort to fund a trip to Brazil. This was the first goal on my list for 2019. I wanted to return to Brazil and see my friends as well as BASE jump. During this time I was beginning my work on the 2nd issue of PARA/ALPINIST Magazine. while spending two months in Brazil I worked on completing Issue 2 and published it shortly after my return to the US. While spending half of the US winter in Brazil I attended Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and this was life changing. I have fallen in love with the Brazilian Portuguese culture more and more every time I visit. Im slowly learning Portuguese as my second language because I so desperately want to converse with the people/culture I love. after 2 months and Nearing the end of my trip I began to determine my goals for the rest of the year in the US. I would return around Spring time and this is the season for mountaineering in the US. I began planning jumps such as Mt Whitney and others in the Wind River Range. 

I returned to the US and as I finished Issue 2 of PARA/ALPINIST I made my way to Mt Whitney and shortly later became the first person to summit and jump from the Keeler Needle of Mt. Whitney. After completing this jump I received a large feeling of accomplishment and forward momentum into the rest of my projects for the year. I left California and returned to Wyoming. In the early spring I organized a helicopter skydive that dropped us off 2000 feet AGL above the 8000 ft ASL valley in front of Squaretop Mountain. Myself and 3 other friends jumped into the Green River Lakes and It was spectacular. All of these goals at the beginning of my year that came through so successfully kept the momentum rolling and through the spring and summer I would continue to open up two more BASE jumps in the Wind River Range. One of them being Squaretop mountain which was a 20+ miles round trip that I did In under 24 hours to the Summit of Squaretop and BASE jumping back towards the Green River Lakes.

After becoming the first to BASE jump from Squaretop I had gotten myself into a few problems in the town of Pinedale and choose to move to Twin Falls Idaho mid Summer. Although some big changes had occurred during this time I felt good and comfortable about the move which made the transition to Twin Falls a pleasant one. After spending some time in Twin this year I met a lot of people traveling to the Bridge. Some in which became very close or closer friends. I spent a lot of time jumping with Thomas and Clark this year after moving to Twin. Our energy and stoke for BASE matched well and together put our motivation through the roof. It didn’t take long to realize these were the guys I needed to complete another big goal of mine that I had been thinking of for a few years. Talking to Clark one day he said he wanted to go on a Yosemite trip with me and then everything clicked. I said okay but I have a plan. I told them about my idea called the Hat Trick. This would be the hike and flight of the three biggest walls in Yosemite Valley in under 24 hours from the valley floor. I knew Thomas and Clark were capable and they were stoked to accomplish this mission with me. The 3 biggest walls consist of El Capitain, Half Dome and Mt Watkins and this is the order that we summited and jumped them to accomplish the Hat Trick. It took every bit of the 23 hours that we finished it in but as a group and team we made it look effortless the way we worked together and enjoyed ourselves during the whole illegal adventure inside Yosemite National Park. Accomplishing this put me at an all time high and all the pieces that fall together to make it happen fit perfectly. I was ready for a break at this point but it was now time to make my way to Bridge day and as soon as we completed the Hat Trick i was on my way East. Knowing all year that I intended to go to Bridge Day I also decided early at the beginning of 2019 that I wanted to spend Halloween, my favorite holiday, in New Orleans on Bourbon Street. After Bridge Day I returned to Indiana to visit my Mother and friends. I worked for my friend who runs a tree service company in Fort Wayne and who also went with me two weeks later to New Orleans to spend Halloween. Halloween in New Orleans was everything I wanted it to be and I had a blast and on the return to Indiana we spent a night parting in Nashville which was awesome. Nashville has so many buildings going up currently that I want to return and jump all of them then go out and flirt with all the beautiful women in that town.

The next and Final plan for 2019 was Turkey Boogie and that came and went in a flash but holy smokes it was good. Turkey boogie was the big celebration of 2019 for me. I did some of the most amazing and memorable jumps with some amazing friends in Moab this year, jumping many incredible exit points that I hadn’t done before and then partying the night away at the end of the event. I felt so refreshed after Turkey boogie and since then until now have been energized so much that Ive developed a very nice routine for myself here in Twin focused solely on my goals for life. As I reflect over this past year and express all the major accomplishment Ive made this year I think to all the smaller accomplishments that came to me and I imparvised the success of. Much of this year Ive worked towards breaking down walls that have been holding me back such as my comfort public speaking and developing my opinions and voice on topics that I feel strongly about. Ive read more books this year than I can remember, Im healthier than Ive every been in my life mentally physically and emotionally and Im beginning to make bigger goals for 2020. Currently I know that my biggest goal for 2020 is to be fully self employed and provide a large enough income for myself that I can comfortably live the life I want and continue to always do what I wanna do. Most of which I wanna do is climb big beautiful mountains with my friends and BASE jump off of them. 2019 was an amazing year and I look forward to finishing it with finesse and Welcoming 2020 with bigger and better goals and with all the ambition to accomplish them.

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